About the Doula

Marissa Davis

I have been working as a doula for seven years. I absolutely love what I do. My passion is helping women and babies. Nurturing you and your family is my priority. There are not many jobs where you get paid to love and support someone and I am lucky enough to have a profession like that! I believe birth is a natural, normal and healthy human experience. Women's bodies are created to conceive, nurture the development of babies, and birth. Their bodies are not flawed or destined to malfunction. In the absence of any special circumstances, healthy women and their healthy babies deserve to be attended in a nourishing manner, consistent with the status of their health. Birth is a sacred event and needs to be cherished, honored and respected. Birth is a rite of passage as women and I am here to support you!      

Some of what I do

  I am looking forward to providing you with emotional, informational and physical support, advocating for your needs and wants, and educating you to aid you in your making of decisions about your birth. Some of the things I can provide during labor and delivery are:   

● Information on common medical interventions you may be faced with and the reassurance and support you need to help navigate those choices.  

● Comfort measures including hip compression, massage, aromatherapy, reiki, advice regarding positions for labor 

● Assisting in managing your family and other visitors - giving updates on your status, helping you set and maintain boundaries about who you want present and in what capacity.